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Tiffany’s Family

Tiffany’s Family

TiffAnY PeArsAll

FOUNDER | Toddler Teacher | tiffany@playfrontier.org


I arrived at early childhood education through necessity, entering teaching at the lowest point of the recession.  I felt nervous as I walked into my first full-time job which would require me to somehow put 20 children to sleep at once by myself.  Trial by fire can be a wonderful thing. Through the flames I found my calling: teaching preschool. Nothing compares to the creativity and laughter of a 3 year old, and I am forever thankful for the ‘job of necessity’ that lead to my life’s work.

Here I am today, in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, attempting to fulfill my mission of conserving childhood.  I am well-versed in child development, progressive education, and play. I consider myself a constructivist teacher, meaning I give my students all the trust and tools they need to construct their own learning. I also get googly-eyed for all things John Dewey, and am an educational philosophy nerd. 

Fond memories gardening with my grandmother as a child, backpacking with my family starting at a young age, and endless summertime hours knee-deep in a pond catching tadpoles, built in me a deep love of nature, play, and adventure. I cannot wait to share these things with the children in my care each day at Play Frontier.

I am a play advocate for grown-ups and littles alike, and I strive to treat adult learners with the same respect I gives the children in my care.  

Tiffany holds a BA in Biology (Reed, '09) and a MA in Teaching (Lewis & Clark, '10), and began her career in Early Childhood in 2010. She uses she/her/hers pronouns.

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Téo Cochlin

renaissance Teacher | Teo@playfrontier.org

Radically loving, respectful, empowering childcare has been a passion of mine since I can remember. I would spend hours daydreaming about nurturing and influencing younger children, plotting how I would one day gather a little clan of wee ones in a sunny forest glade and show them how to explore new skills, find their callings, and base their lives around something that makes them tick. Honestly, once I grew past the “I can do literally anything” period and developed a little world-weariness, I didn’t really expect this fantasy to pan out anytime soon; but then I stumbled across Play Frontier’s hiring ad, and after a bit of faffing about being a perfectionist, I wrote to Tiffany and the rest is very recent history.

Before my first day at Play Frontier, I had never set foot in school. I’m a lifelong autodidact born and raised here in the Gorge, free to roam the woods and pursue my passions – reading, writing, idea-brewing, activism, self-development, and literally anything creative, among other things – and I owe so much of who I am as a person to having had that autonomy.

If we dream of rearing children with genuine respect for themselves and others, with a joyful hankering to learn, with a clear picture of what they love and a strong sense that they can pursue it, we need to facilitate an environment that gives them the support they need to find their own way through play.

Téo began caring for children in 2011. They use they/them/their pronouns.


MegAn PAris

Infant Teacher | megan@playfrontier.org

More coming soon!

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JessicA SAndovAl

Preschool Teacher | Jessica@playfrontier.org

More coming soon!

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CommunitY Enrichment of klickitAt And skAmAniA countY (cekc)


CEKC's mission: to enrich community services and engage in activities that strengthen the social and economic well being of Klickitat and Skamania County residents.

CEKC is our fiscal sponsor, meaning they made it possible for Play Frontier to get started.  We are grateful of their work in the community!  Check out more at www.cekcwa.org.